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Steady and predictable passive income for Vacation Homeowners

✅ Hassle-free property management

✅ Professional marketing team right at your fingertips

✅ Exceptional guest experiences on autopilot

DIY Vacation Rental Management is Exhausting!

So, you’ve probably done your homework and realized that there’s too much information to process and too many hoops to jump through before you can close your first tenant booking. You may have had a few bookings, but it’s been painfully slow. Not exactly what you were expecting, right?

On the other hand, do you somehow feel relieved that bookings aren’t happening too frequently? Because then you’d be too swamped already having to deal with housekeeping, guest relations, bookkeeping, etcetera. Pretty sure you wanted to hire some help, but retaining staff becomes optional with a tight cash flow and unpredictable revenue. You’re left to deal with everything all by yourself.

Maybe you’re an investor, and your vacation rental portfolio has grown too large to go it alone? Whether you’re new in the business or you’ve been around for a while, we all know that going DIY is not a walk in the park.

How come these Vacation Rental Management problems sound all too familiar?

Perhaps you’ve pulled your hair out so many times that you’ve gladly welcomed the distraction of shopping for hair growth products online. That’s a little bit counterproductive, but we so get it.

We were in the same situation as you are. We asked the same question that’s running through your head right now:


100% correct! There is a hassle-free way to generate profits from your Vacation Home.

At Holy Toledo Properties (HTP), we know all the challenges that come with managing vacation rentals like the back of our hand. We were property owners before we became property managers. You can rest assured that we speak the same language.

Through years of managing our properties and other owners, we have developed gold standard procedures that consistently generate our desired results. We have had an average of 4.9/5 ratings over the last five years. Our occupancy rate far exceeds the market average by 35%.

What do Property Owners say about Holy Toledo Properties?

We are very Relaxed

My husband and I are pretty new to the vacation rental family. We are so thankful to have Sherri as our front runner. She is very thorough and attentive to the families and our two properties. She works closely with her house cleaners and maintenance team to make sure properties are well cared for. We are very relaxed, knowing if there is a problem, she takes care of it quickly. Sherri is A+ in our book.

Tammie and Craig Midkiff

(Owners of 2 properties)

Top-Notch Service

Sherri provides a personal touch to each guest interaction and solves problems quickly. Her customer service skills are top-notch. In the competitive nightly rental market, she sets herself apart from competitors by caring about each guest and the reputation of those she represents.

Ashley and Dale Anderson

(Owners of 3 properties)

Positive Cash Flow

The Team at Holy Toledo Properties was able to double our bookings, create positive cash flow for our various properties, all with minimal involvement from our end. They quickly paid for themselves with increases in bookings and reduced headaches we were dealing with trying to manage this ourselves. I would highly recommend them to other property owners looking to maximize their return from their vacation rentals.

Chris Hebert

(Owners of 5 properties)

Now I’m Making Money!

I was in the market to buy a vacation home (camp) and thought renting it out while I wasn’t using it would help cover the cost. After only a few weeks of research, headaches, countless websites to manage, and basically losing money, I looked for a property manager. After digging deep into the local realtors, online “only 15%” managers, etc. I found Holy Toledo. Now I’m making money, have zero headaches, and most of all can relax at my property when I need to instead of cutting grass and other upkeep. Sherri of Holy Toledo is a godsend.

Alex and Katy Mottram

Property Owner

Step this way for your hands-free, revenue-generating Vacation Rental Home.

If you have been reading up to this point, we are confident that you know this: You want in on an opportunity to make your Vacation Rental Home profitable with the least amount of effort (and tears). And we are more than glad to hold your hand through the 3-step process that will shake up the status quo for your source of passive income forever.

Step 1

Speak with a Property Agent to pre-qualify today.

Step 2

We will create a tailored package to provide you with maximum value from your rental.

Step 3

Our team will complete a pre-booking process to set you up for success.

Embark on a Zero-Risk Partnership With Us.

We do not offer the cheapest property management rates in the market. Our rates are slightly higher than the usual 10% industry average, but here’s where it gets exciting: Our occupancy rates are 35% more than the typical experience across the Toledo Bend Lake shoreline. We’ve got you fully covered with our 24 x 7 x 365 customer care.

Best of all: we only make money when you do! We won’t charge you anything unless we have successfully made bookings for your property.

Vacation Rental Management, the HTP Way!

How do guaranteed results sound? Here’s what the future looks like when you let us take all the nitty-gritty off of your hands.

Unlimited passive income from a steady flow of bookings

World-class marketing that attracts high-quality tenants for your vacation home

Carefully vetted guests who will be respectful of your home and leave stellar reviews

All-year-round dynamic and competitive pricing done for you

Hands-free guest relations, housekeeping, property protection & maintenance

Uncertain if this opportunity is for you?

It must be difficult to accept the fact that you’ve done the best that you could, and you’re still not happy with the outcome. Totally understandable. Take a few minutes to consider what will happen if you keep going at it alone, without expert help from us.

  • Loss of income due to poor occupancy rate.
  • Uncompetitive & non-profitable pricing strategy because of shifting market realities.
  • 24×7 guest headaches and needs that will consume all your precious time for marketing the vacation home.
  • Property damage, liability & compliance issues because you simply cannot handle them all.
  • No more quality time for loved ones & personal hobbies, growth, etc.

Are you still convinced you prefer to go the DIY route?

Here’s a Free Gift Especially Created for Vacation Homeowners Like You.

Once you book your Pre-Qualification Call, we will send you a free resource entitled The 10 Secrets to Running a Successful Vacation Rental Business.

If taken to heart, you may have a chance to overcome some of your challenges and be on the road to managing a profitable vacation home.

This is a free gift that we’ll gladly give to you, regardless if you decide to partner with us or not. At the end of the day, our only wish is to see your success and happiness in this business, which we fondly call “our second home.”

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