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Security Equipment Policy 

A surveillance device is considered to be any device that captures or transmits audio, video, or still images. This includes but is not limited to nanny cameras, web cameras, wi-fi cameras, security cameras, spy cameras, baby monitors.  

 For Owners  

  • Surveillance devices of any kind are prohibited inside the home.  
  • Surveillance equipment may be used in or around the property but must be disclosed to Holy Toledo Properties so we can notify guests on the property’s listing. 


For Guests  

  • Guests may not use any surveillance devices.  



Owners found to violate this policy may lead to suspension or termination of the property listing involved. Holy Toledo Property will be entitled to collect all management fees and issue full refunds at the owner’s expense.  

Travelers found in violation will lead to termination of the current stay without refund and banned from booking with Holy Toledo Properties.  

Holy Toledo Properties reserves the right to notify and involve local law enforcement.