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Guest Ready

  • Every guest should be able to enter any of our properties and immediately feel at home.  

Attention to detail is essential to ensure your vacation rental is guest ready. To avoid issues, complaints, and negative guest reviews we’ve curated a checklist that will help.  

  • Seamless entry into the home. (Keyless entry or lockbox)  
  • Every Faucet and show provide both hot and cold water. 
  • Owner personal belongings are removed or locked away.  
  • Electronics are operable. (TV, Gaming Systems, Wi-Fi) 
  • Amenities and appliances are clean and working.  

This list is a general guide, every property is different and will have its own requirements. Your vacation rental should be guest ready for your photoshoot and practice check in during onboarding.  


The best way to make sure your property is guest ready is to schedule a walkthrough before every guest stay. At the very least, every walkthrough should include the following.  

  • Confirming basic safety and maintenance.  
  • Confirming the cleanliness of the property.  
  • Confirming guest can easily access the property.  




A home being “well-stocked” varies on the individual, in general you should provide the basic amenities such as dishes, flatware, cooking utensils, toilet paper, and paper towels. We’ve provided some helpful guidelines below.  


  • Avoid purchasing anything expensive.  
  • Stock cleaning supplies to assist guests in maintaining your property. (Mop, broom, dustpan, cleaning supplies, coasters)  
  • Provide an adequate number of plates, cups, and flatware. (Double the occupancy rate, if your property sleeps 2 stock at least 4 settings.) 
  • Choose microwave and dishwasher safe items.  
  • Buy durable items to avoid frequent repurchases.  




In addition to vetting and verifying each home during the listing creation process, we require every property be aligned with our Security Equipment policy. This process allows us to ensure travelers receive a safe and secure vacation experience.  

Holy Toledo Properties requires each property to have  

  • Smoke detectors. 
  • Carbon monoxide detectors.  
  • Fire extinguishers.  
  • First Aid Kits.  

In a continued safety effort, it’s best to inspect  

  • Locks, ensure they are functional and secure.  
  • Lighting, confirm there is enough light for navigation inside and outside of the home.  
  • Decks, the railings are secured.  
  • Walkways, free of debris.  
  • Trees and bushes, trimmed according to the fire safety regulations.  
  • Regularly inspect for other potential safety hazards. (water damage, mild, pests) 


Property owners are responsible for installing and maintaining all safety amenities and should always be in compliance with state, local, and federal safety standards applicable to their property.  


In Case of Emergency 

As a Holy Toledo Property Owner, you’ll need to regularly evaluate your emergency plans for your home. In your welcome book please include the following  

  • Evacuation plan for guests  
  • Emergency numbers for local medical facilities  
  • If your home is pet friend, emergency numbers for local veterinarians  

Below is what we require during every cleaning:  

Masks and disposable gloves worn while cleaning and disinfecting. Every person cleaning the home needs to understand:  

  • Any precautions needed for safe use and application.  
  • Any potential cross-contamination with other chemicals.  
  • How long the product needs to stay on the surface for effective disinfection.  
  • The instructions for use on the label of the product.  

Perform deep disinfections prior to every arrival, pay special attention to high traffic items/ areas including:  

  • Handles (doors, closets, cabinets, windows, faucets, toilet)  
  • Railings (stairs, decks)  
  • Switches and buttons (lights, remote controls, front door, garage opener) 
  • Arms of chairs, sofas, and outdoor furniture  
  • Toys, puzzles, games  
  • Appliances (microwave, tv, coffee maker, washing machine, dryer, toaster) 

For soft and or porous surfaces including carpets, rugs, drapes, couches, etc. All visible contamination needs to be removed, cleaned, and disinfected with appropriate cleaners.  

Clean all dishes and flatware after every checkout and use any available sanitizing setting when using the dishwasher.  

Special care should be taken with linens and bedding.  

  • Wash all bedding and linens after every checkout. 
  • Place extra linens and bedding in a plastic zipper bag so cleaners know what’s already clean and ready for use.  
  • Eliminate all extra pillows and blankets around the home. 
  • Make sure all pillows on beds have pillow protectors and pillowcases.  

Cleaning Turnover Checklist  


Pre-Stay Walkthrough  

Pre-Stay walkthroughs are essential to ensuring guests check into a clean home. We cannot expect the unexpected, but we can prevent the preventable. Pre-Stay walkthroughs are in place to catch problems before our guests do. 30 minutes – 1 hour before every guests arrive a pre-stay walkthrough is preformed to check on the cleanliness of the property and prepare the home for the next guest.  


Pre Stay Walkthrough Checklist  


Aside from regular cleaning, to keep your home well-maintained and in the best condition for every season, we recommend bi-monthly deep cleaning and inspections. The bi-monthly cleaning and inspections will allow you to catch potential problems before they affect your guests. They are also the perfect time to evaluate and restock your homes inventory.  


Best practices for preforming and arranging deep cleanings.  

  • Schedule the deep clean after other inspections to avoid traffic  
  • Schedule all service providers and contractors within the same week  
  • Schedule well in advance.  
  • Take videos/ photos of your home and all its assets for insurance purposes. 
  • Review all vendor contacts to ensure they are up to date 
  • Evaluate pricing, frequency of service, and types of duties your service providers are providing.  

Bi- Month Cleaning and Inspection Checklist  

Home Stocking Checklist