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As Advertised

Guests expect to arrive at a vacation rental that looks like what they booked, all Holy Toledo Properties listings and photographs need to accurately reflect your vacation rental. Your listing photos and property description should match current décor and amenities that your home offers.  

If a guest shows up to find major differences between the property listing and the home, it can leave them feeling uncomfortable, uneasy, or upset, which can potentially result in negative reviews. Negative reviews will impact how much income is generated.  

When a guest books your vacation rental they are excited about every detail they’ve seen. Based on the custom listing they’ve viewed they have an image in mind and expect the home to match.  

Why is it important to keep your vacation home as advertised?  

  1. Improve the guest experience.

                1.1 Guests are happier when they get what they expect.  

      2. Get better Reviews.  

                2.1Happy guests leave positive reviews.